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I wanted to install Google Market version 3. After some research and some tries i was able to install Google Market v3. I think there are many people in my situation so i decided to post here the method i used to help others too. With this procedure you can install market v3. Just follow the steps above. If you have an older market version installed, just install the gmail. After installing all the apps, you will probably get an error.

If it happens folow the above steps: Click on Google framework and Clear the cache files if you have no cache files delete the data files ; 3. Now power down and up again reboot ; 5. Now you can launch the Market and Enjoy. This method worked for me and i hope it works for you too. Post subject: Fri Mar 09, 9: This has worked beautifully for me, but now i can't get it to accept a google account - consistently says it "can't establish a reliable data connection" though the wifi is fine with everything else.. Any thoughts anyone? In some ways having the gmail and market icons there now finally and not being able to use them is even more frustrating!

Sat Mar 10, 3: Thank You so much "tiagodnpereira" for this tutorial you are the best.

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Just got my Arnova G2 today and didn't like the AppsLib. Mon Mar 12, 3: I have the same issues with regards the setting up the google accounts. I had it working with the rom that was shipped with my tablet, but when I updated to the Any help or ideas on this issue would be most appreciated.

How do I download google apps store to my arnova 9g2 android? Please

Fri Mar 16, I've noticed that since Market became Google Play a few days ago I can still run and browse the Market, but if I try to download anything it just sits there on 'Downloading Tue Mar 20, Worked fine for me apart from the only problem i had was with 6-Talk-signed. Fri Mar 23, 4: Download the file above and extract the custom firmware image update. Please follow the Rockchip Flashing tool procedure: We recommend that you use Restore button rather than Upgrade button in Rockchip flasher to make sure your device gets properly erased.

After Rockchip flasher has transferred the custom firmware to the tablet, you will have to restart the tablet to finish installing the firmware. Finally you will be back to Arnova default startup wizard. The following video demonstrates the 3 easy steps of the installation procedure to get Google Play Store and root to your Arnova 7 G2 in just a few minutes. The video shows the procedure for the Arnova 9 G2, but it's very similar for the 7 G2. Let us know how this firmware works for you in our Arnova 7 G2 forum. Thanks to exelletor and Oream member of our forum for the Arnova 7 G2i firmware dump.

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Donations are used to pay the bills for our server hosting costs, development tools and purchase new tablets to support. Firmware ever!! Plz remake this to arnova 10G If it really works on 7G2 it should really work on 19G2! Waiting for it! Hi i buy asphalt 7 in the google play and never dowload. Went back to stock firmware I have a simple question, I have an Arnova 7G2 and wish to update the firmware so I can get Google Play, but my question is If I perform the procedure to do the update, and things go wrong for some reason can I put things back to the original firmware from the Arnova site.

Our custom firmware has been tested to work by a few users before we published it and it was verified to work ok. There is also good feedback from others that flashed it. Anyway, if the ICS firmware doesn't fit your needs you can always flash back the stock firmware from Arnova.

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Arnova 7 G2 Gingerbread Tablet – How to Install Android Market and Gmail Apps

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Install Market v on Arnova 7 G2 without root or flashing. -

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