Grooveshark app for iphone without jailbreak

Easy to use with either USB or Bluetooth for tethering, or simply create a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go mobile internet. Infiniapps — Infinifolders, Infinidock, Infiniboard.

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The Infiniapp suite of tweaks adds a number of killer features to your phone. Infinifolders allows you to add as many apps as you want to a folder; simply scroll down to see more. Infinidock, similarly, allows you add as many apps as you want to your new, scrollable dock, while Infiniboard lets you add as many apps as you want to a single page, letting you scroll vertically to see more apps.

Activator is a really useful tool that allows you to assign and customise a load of gestures to launch specific apps or actions. Similar to Activator, Zephyr also allows you to use gestures to do certain actions. However, Zephyr is more tightly integrated into the OS, and also looks a lot slicker. You can do fancy things such as peeling up the springboard to make the app switcher appear, or the four-finger swipe to switch between apps that iPad users are accustomed to.

Dreamboard takes theming to totally different level, going further than its much simpler counterpart, Winterboard. Dreamboard changes up pretty much everything you can see on-screen, and makes for some pretty stunning interfaces. Fans of album art can look for Snowcover to give them an aesthetically pleasing way to champion their favourite covers. With a variety of styles as well as added gestures, Snowcover lets you view your music on the lockscreen in a simple, elegant fashion. Ever figured you could squeeze another app into your dock?

Springtomize 2. Springtomize 2 is simply one of the most fully featured and functional tweaks to the iOS platform to hit the Cydia store. It pretty much does everything you need to tweak your Springboard in every way possible. There are plenty of options to modify even the tiniest aspect of your device, such as custom docks, icons, animations, capabilities and even more. Alert Artist.

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While some Winterboard themes also skin the notification pop-ups of iOS, Alert Artist allows the user to define exactly how they want alerts to look like without the aid of Winterboard. Around 65p from Cydia. VLC Media Player. Apple added video mirroring to the iPad 2 with help from the Digital AV Adapter, but not to any of their other devices -- DisplayOut changes that. It lets you use any of your 4th generation and iPad devices with the adapter to hook-up to a TV, letting you play Tiny Wings or watch videos all on the big screen with customizable zoom and aspect ratios.

Scrobbl Last.

If you are an avid user of music social networking website Last. FM and wish you could scrobble tracks straight from the iPod application on your phone, Scrobbl does exactly that. FM users. Music Controls Pro. While iOS does have some music application-based multitasking, not every app is supported. Music Controls Pro changes that. It enables background and system integration to many different music applications as well as enabling several different ways to control your music.

You can activate gesture, lockscreen and statusbar controls and many more.

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Available for any iOS device, but looks much cooler on the nice and big iPad, Barrel adds several transition effects to the homescreen, such as a 3D cube effect when you swipe the homescreen, and is definitely something that is just plain cool to show off to friends. Display Recorder. Display Recorder simply records everything that is going on in iOS directly to a high quality h. With various settings to adjust the gravity to, as well as tilt functionality, Graviboard is a great hack to show friends and potentially prank them with.

Top 10 Best Cydia Apps of All Time

It even allows you to export a list of all your apps for your own reference or if you just want to tell friends all the great apps you have. Mobile Terminal. For times when you simply need a light, Flashlight simply turns on your LED flash, and can even act as a strobe for those rare party moments. Plus free is cheaper than 69p in the iOS App store. For earlier devices it still proves useful, as it displays a white screen at max brightness.

The app lets you block certain numbers from calling or sending text messages by simply managing black and white lists. Further settings are also available, such as automatically sending an SMS to blocked numbers and individual settings for each number. Safari Download Manager. Safari Download Manager is a powerful extension that adds a great download manager to Safari, and allows you to download anything from the web.

It also lets you download more than one item at a time, making your iPhone a much more versatile tool. PKGBackup is a great way to automatically back-up and restore all of your apps, hacks, tweaks and settings with just a few taps. Just make sure you read the manual to do it right. Probably one of the first tweaks you will install on your phone after jailbreaking, OpenSSH lets you wirelessly and securely transfer files using the SSH protocol.

Just be sure to change the default password after installation. Simply put, iFile is a file manager for your jailbroken device with many different capabilities, such as compressing, deleting, viewing, copying, moving, renaming and much more. It is pretty much the same as Finder or Windows Explorer in terms of functionality. It will also seamlessly integrate with many other tweaks as well as Dropbox.

When you are sharing an iPad among several users in a single household, things can get messy, especially when some apps might not want to be shared around. With iUsers, you can create multiple user accounts for your iPad, each with their own user information, files and data as well as setting up a guest account for friends. Free, add http: And while many iPhone apps can run on the iPad in a blown-up fashion, they simply do not look good, even if the app has retina display graphics.

With the AssistantLove 2 Beta jailbreak tweak, from the development team at Delta , you can add at least some third-party integration by allowing Siri to play music from Spotify. Just make sure you have a jailbroken iOS 8 device before continuing. AssistantLove 2 Beta is not currently available through any existing Cydia repos, since it's not full ready for primetime. Instead, you'll need to go to the Cydia application, find "Sources," tap "Edit," then "Add. In the text box that appears, type in " getdelta. Now bring up Siri and issue a command to play a song from a certain artist.

Once Siri recognizes the song which was incredibly accurate for me , it will open up Spotify and play the song.

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Make sure you don't ask Siri to play a song you already have saved on your device, or else she'll play that version and not the one on Spotify. If you have a paid GrooveShark account, you can also pull music from there if you don'y have Spotify. Since this is a beta, this isn't all that surprising, but expect these issues to be fixed by the time it's officially released.