Blackberry email account password validation

Indeed, on my laptop I have 2 steps security re Microsoft account; which, if I am trying to logon from a diferrent machine than the one I setup my account originaly, I'll have to go through extra security check; usually is sending me 4 digit code via text, which then once inserted will allow me access the Outlook. The same kind person in the O2, tried to setup my account on a new demo BB in the store BB 97something and it didn't work I used to access my Hotmail.

In Dec there was an automatic request for upgrading to Live Essentials, which has prompted me to create a Microsoft Account. What is the difference between Windows Live Mail server http: Could this might be the problem? I used web live chats with Microsoft and the conclusion was 'BB settings default, nothing wrong with my hotmail account as I am accessing it through my laptop' etc I am contemplating buying a Nokia Lumia phone, thinking that being a Windows phone, surely it must work with hotmail.

I am still frustrated and unhappy, as I feel I'm caught in the middle Thanks for all of the information, makes trying to help you alot easier.

I might have found the answer though about the two step authentication:. Get involved: This is how you get help. Come and say hi to us. Drop me a direct message. I have followed the steps and got stuck at number ' 5: Scroll to and select Email Account Management ';. Cookies on O2 We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products.

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Please advise. Kind regards…. Report Content. Message 1 of 17 2, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. MI5 Level Is this any help http: Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues. Currently using: Message 2 of 17 2, Views. Reply 1 Kudo.

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How to recover a BlackBerry Email account password when the password is unknown

We even tried to set up my account onto his Sony phone and it worked until a certain stage. From the O2 perspective, the handset is fine, my hotmail. Please advise, if anymore ideas Kindest regards. For BlackBerry 10 devices running OS version As a result, this can lead to issues for properly storing the Website URL.

While older Blackberry devices supported the ability to specify a custom contacts database, the BlackBerry 10 devices do not currently support this capability. For versions earlier than Blackberry This date may appear in the body of the reply mail if the Traveler server version is below IBM Traveler 9. BlackBerry Platform Table 1. BlackBerry platform issues Problem Details Account becomes invalid after policy change. Some fields are missing from corporate lookup. Table 2. Table 3.

Resetting your BlackBerry ID Password

Mail issues Problem Details When multiple accounts are configured on the device, a corporate directory lookup may contact the wrong server. Mail deleted from the device may take several minutes to push to the server. Assists with improving battery life. Any changes to draft mail on the device is overwritten by changes from the server. Not supported prior to BlackBerry No Domino encrypted mail support. Support for Domino encrypted mail on BlackBerry 10 devices requires: BlackBerry Table 4.

Calendar issues Problem Details Cannot add or delete attendees in a recurring meeting from the device. The Don't Notify option is ignored. When accepting or declining a meeting invite on a BlackBerry device, the user is allowed to select whether or not to notify the chair of their response. The delegation and forwarding of calendar invites is not supported. A user's Tentative status displays as Free. Duplicate Calendar entries exist on BlackBerry 10 devices. No Rich Text support on calendar entries. End of line characters removed from notes in meeting invites.

Table 5. Creation of Local Group contacts is not supported. BlackBerry 10 devices do not support the creation or syncing of Local Group contacts. Custom contact databases are not supported. Table 6. Accounts created on the device prior to the For more information, refer to What should I know about deleting and re-creating BlackBerry accounts? Categories or Lists for To Do's are not supported.

This feature is not supported by BlackBerry 10 devices. Attachments unavailable with To Do's. While you can see a To Do may have an associated attachment, you will not be able to download it to your device. In addition, you cannot attach files to a To Do. Cannot create repeating To Do's. While you can view repeating To Do's and edit instances of them, you cannot create a repeating To Do from a BlackBerry 10 device.

No Rich text support.

BlackBerry 10 limitations and restrictions - Traveler - SmartCloud Notes

Any updates made on the device to a To Do entry will convert the Rich Text to plain text when synced back to the Traveler server. The year for To Do's is set to To Do's created on the device will have a year with when viewed from the server. This issue occurs when the time zone of the device is changed. For more information, refer to this knowledge article. The alarm time is not relative to 12pm on the due date. When the alarm time is set on the device, the synced To Do on the server shows a reminder relative to 8am on the due date.

Table 7. Out of office issues Problem Details Cannot set the out of office end date. On BlackBerry 10 devices earlier than version For more information, see this knowledge article. Draft mail messages synced from a Notes client appear in plain text only. Files attached to mail with a length of zero bytes will be removed by the IBM Traveler server.

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Mail with a Domino Group contact cannot be forwarded or replied to. admin