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The link below is for the Video Testimonies of a few of the many healings which have occurred: The revival is carried on God. Is anyone following up the "healings? News media do not ignore true healings that are documented So so often I hear story after story after story. So the theology turns into one of anecdote after anecdote. I recall seeing video of preachers at these kind of revivals saying, "I don't want no doctrine or theology preached from THIS pulpit!

Another False Revival: Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival? - Sermon Index

The reason why is the fact that if good theology was taught, it would condemn experiential Christianity. The shaking and other manifestations are very similar to that of eastern cults and religions and that of South America. Regardless, adherants to this kind of experiential Christianity still say, "see! I knew it had to be Jesus because I fell out and had an out of body experience! The first couple of sentences contain the phrase "test the spirit.

Dear Anonymous I just shared my expirence with some REAL reservations!!!

I don't say it means the revival is for real, I have real reservations about how the revival is being ran Beware Anonymous, do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit by saying its of the devil, she said she felt God's presence, not the devils. Yvonne, were they lifting up Jesus? Were they praising and worshiping the King of kings and the Lord of Lords?

Bay Revival

It would not be a place where devils congregate. You cannot feel the presence of the Lord and of devils at the same time, the only devils that would manifest are the ones being cast out! Why would the devil give Jesus the credit? Of course not!!

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Yvonne, did you ever hear of the Quakers? How about shakers? Do some research and you will find that "quaking" has historically been documented in authentic moves of God. My friend, God cannot be truly known without also being experienced. I truly believe in testing the spirit! If it's God then it will stand up under my testing! I worry about people who just believe everything that comes down the pike.

Delia Knox Walking- Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

I also worry about people who are so cautious that they won't be moved by anything! I think there is a balance in there I'll go and check out something, I can always leave if it's weird! On the way out of our driveway, I really decided I did not want to go! It was a long drive with 3 kids and you know how expensive it is to be on the road.

So we're driving down our road, and I'm already a bit irritated cause you know how it is to leave the house, everyone forgets something We had watched a couple of clips and our hearts had been stirred plus they were saying miracles were actually happening Anyway I was going back and to in my mind about the whole thing. We get about an hour from home and we stop for gas and breakfast, and I open Jon's wallet and he has lots of cash!!

I was really trying to figure out our budget for the trip and it was totally stressing me out So I felt like God was saying to me that everything was ok, just relax, so I did! I'm not distrustful of God but I do not like to be manipulated in any way whatsoever! Evidently that was the first night in the Mobile Civic Center and there was "spiritual warfare" going on. I really had to push through some things to say the least. After the worship, which was good, the evangelist called for people with vision problems to come forward.

Sam is a bit like me. He really does not like people nor trust them when he meets them. So they were trying to pray for Sam, who was busy pushing hands away as hard as he could. I couldn't help but laugh! If Sam gets healed, it will have to be a God thing. He really can't stand the traditional "laying on of the hands"!!!!! To be honest, they gave up on him, which did kinda tick me off!

I feel like if you are saying there is healing going on, then push on through whatever you have to to see it happen! So he was very responsive to the guy and was grinning from ear to ear. The evangelist did spend some time praying for Shad and asked us a few questions about his eyes, in a nice way. Neither boy "got healed" but I felt I was obedient in taking them. I felt God had wanted me to take them and I did. I trust God for them.

Although of course I'd love to see my boys both healed and whole on this earth, I know that life is short and eternity is long and that they will be healed for all eternity. I can trust God in that. I still do not know if God heals on this earth, but I trust Him whether He chooses to or not! I'm just being honest here, not trying to be disrespectful or anything like that When we returned to our seat with the boys, I felt like we had "failed" in the eyes of some around us.

No one said anything to us, that is just how I felt. No one else got a healing either but we were sitting in the pastor's section and there were some real "excitable' folks around us The sermon was good, really right on, nothing weird or off at all. Jon was touched but ya'll know he's a bit open Steve on the other hand is more like me and he felt someone tried to push him over So although there was some things that made me uncomfortable, I know God's presence and I did feel it.

The next day we had fun, Jon took the boys to a Civil War site and I met an old high school friend for lunch. We had such a good time talking that I was running behind getting across town to meet them for the service. And to be honest, I really didn't want to go. I was too conflicted from the night before and the only reason I went was we were so far from home, felt like I might as well go since I'd put that much effort in to going I sat and held Sam through the worship which was good.

Then there was a testimony time when people were allowed to share what God had done for them. There were several reports of healing but to be honest, they weren't that convincing. The woman came forward and fell down on the stage after Morris prayed over her. This started a trend, in which several men and women went to the front of the auditorium and fell to the floor in evidence that God was present and moving strongly. Morris then began to preach about revival and how Christians should hunger for God. Morris told the audience that going to church on Sundays should not fill us up, but leave us hungering for more.

The leaders opened up the altar toward the end of the service, where nearly the entire crowd filled up the area. Morris, Kilpatrick, and members of the prayer team laid hands on everyone who went forward.

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The powerful service lasted 3. Although no one leapt out of a wheelchair or was evidently healed of blindness, it was evident that God was moving. More details of the three-day-long Orlando event may be found at bayoftheholyspiritrevival. Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at charismapodcastnetwork. Great Resources to help you excel in ! Prayer helps you overcome anything life throws at you.

Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

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