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Because unless you buy magazines and newspapers, the app looks depressingly empty and can't be hidden. If you didn't already realize you had this feature, double tap the home button from your lock screen to check it out.

Part 2. Top iOS Jailbreak Tweaks of All Time

Ellis Hamburger. Double angles pointing left Two angles facing left, which often indicate, "return to the beginning. Wish you could have easy access to five apps in your Notification Center? Here's a widget we could really see ourselves using. If you consider yourself a tech "power user," you'll probably want PowerCenter Pro. QuickMemo might be the fastest way to jot down a quick note.

When in an app, you can also pull from the left or right to switch seamlessly between other applications that are running in the background. This is a simple tweak, but one that is very useful. It simply adds a Google search box to the notification center, allowing you to search the web quickly and easily at any time. You will need to enable the tweak from the notification settings screen, and you will also want to move it to the top, otherwise the keyboard will not line up properly when it pops out.

One of the coolest features of iOS 5 is the ability to double tap your home button and quickly bring up your camera without having to unlock your device and find the icon.

14 Ingenious iOS 5 Tweaks That Will Make You Want To Jailbreak Your iPhone

However, what if you do not use your camera and you want quick access to another app from your lock screen? Well if that is the case, you should check out AnyLockApp. It allows you to choose almost any app installed on your device. This neat tweak allows you to control your music right from notification center.

It shows you the album art, controls volume and even sends a song via AirPlay. For music lovers, this is an awesome tweak. CallBar displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen. This tweak allows you to continue using your iPhone without being interrupted by the full incoming call screen. When it comes to iOS screen recording apps , this tweak has been remarked as one of the best ones out there.

Best Cydia Tweaks: The Complete Top List

Display recorder allows you to record your screen in high-resolution, different rotations, frame-rates, video formats,… You can also assign an Activator gesture for quickly recording. By default, Apple brings a new battery usage page that helps users find out which apps are consuming the most battery life. But if you need more information about iPhone system then you can use this tweak. Once you installed it, you can keep track of battery life in more detail through a graph. Eclipse changes the apps interface to night mode making it easier to read at night.

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The noticeable change in Eclipse 3 is that app the apps that get the night mode are disabled by default. You give them access to your phone but you can also restrict them from using apps and features that you want to keep private. HideMeX is a powerful UI tweak. You can hide icon badges, change the blurred style of the dock, create nested folders, customize App Switcher, ControlCenter and much more.

With iKeyWi installed, you can add an extra row of number keys on top the keyboard the fifth row.

Best Cydia App Downloading Sources For IOS 5.1.1

You will no longer have to press the key to switch between two keyboards. With the tweak installed, you can do a lot of things that was normally impossible such as manage root folder, install.

Downloading The Apps

You can also launch it by quickly using an Activator gesture. With Power Tap, you can respring, reboot, power down, or boot into safe mode in a convenient way. Now you can tap on the slider to change its functionality. After landing on the action that you wish to perform, just slide the slider to execute that action. Another tweak for the Camera app.

BiteSMS brings awesome Quick Reply features to iOS 5.

RecordPause providing you with a new functionality for recording video. It allows you to pause video capture by tapping on the timer at the top of the screen, and when you want to resume the video, you can tap on the timer again. Switch Service lets you choose whether a message is delivered as an iMessage or SMS, so you can switch between them easily by tapping and holding on the Send button. Springtomize is the most powerful tweak when it comes to customizing the aspect of iOS. This tweak is for advanced Alarm users. Read more on Reddit. SwipeSelection lets you swipe directly on the iOS keyboard in order to move the cursor.

This allows you to place the edit cursor in specific spots with much more precision than before. You can even select text by swiping from the shift key or from the delete key. TranslateMe allows you to translate a text from anywhere without having to install other dictionary apps.

The Best Jailbreak Apps for iOS 5

If there is more information, the text will automatically scroll down. You can also configure the type of status bar alerts individually for two types of info in the tweak settings. The 3D Touch menu consists 4 shortcuts: You can then assign these gestures to perform specific actions such as wake up your device, back to the Home screen, launch App Switcher and much more.

Ringer volume and Media Volume.

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