Mobile download opera mini 4.5

Opera Mini aims to offering access to video content for a wider variety of phones.

It also features a handy Notes tool, allowing to always have all your notes with you. You can access your notes from Opera Mini's "Bookmarks" menu.

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With Opera Mini you will be able to quickly find the needed information by using the search for text feature. The browser also lets you access your websites faster, being able to recognize text and suggest completions while you type in the address bar.

If you use Opera Mini on phones that support JSR, you will be able to easily upload and download files without being constrained to use your phone's native browser. This feature gives you many options and possibilities: You will also be able to save web pages for later viewing or for offline browsing.

The "Opera Link" feature you will let you synchronize your phone web data bookmarks, speed dial with your PC. All that it takes is for the handset to be able to run a Java game, or for the BlackBerry smartphone to run Java.

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However, users with more advanced Java phones will get the option to download the new Opera Mini 7. Some of the features that users will be able to take advantage of in the new Opera Mini 4. With the download manager, you get better control of downloading new content to your mobile phone. Pause, resume and manage the download process, just as you would on more expensive phones or smartphones.

Opera Mini is For the Most Basic Mobile Phones

Having an excellent download manager is just as important for the students downloading class work to their phones as it is for business people with more advanced phones. The browser also claims to be light on data, a must for people in emerging market countries, where data can often be pricey. Opera says that the browser will run on any phone capable of running a Java game. It adds that people with more capable Java phones will be given the option to download Opera Mini 7.

Opera Mini

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Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java, PalmOS and BlackBerry Versions Here

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