Activate iphone 4s 5.0 1 without sim

How to Bypass iPhone Activation Screen on iOS 6.1.6 / iOS 5.1.1 [Video]

It it isn't, remove the card again and clean it with a cotton swab to remove any dust particles. Continue holding until the screen turns black and you see the Apple logo. Click "Check for Updates. Click "Yes" if prompted to create a backup, and wait for the phone to restart.

Connect your phone to the Internet, or make sure you have an active data plan. Tap "Download and Install" when prompted, provided there is an update available for your iPhone. If your phone is running iOS 4 or below, connect it to iTunes and use "Check for Updates" to download carrier updates. Cee Jay began writing professionally in with work appearing on various websites. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Franklin University and also studied advanced language arts at the Center for Arts and Sciences.

Skip to main content. Reseat the Card 1. Restart Manually 1. Depress the Home and the Sleep buttons simultaneously. Release both buttons and wait for the device to start. Update to iOS 5 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Open iTunes and select the device icon from the left side. Update Carrier Settings 1. Tap "Settings," "General" and "About. It could be faulty or damaged. This stops the tray from shorting the card.

Phone info: Device model: I have tried forcing it to DFU mode through Redsn0w but that does not work.

Activating an Unlocked iPhone 4S

I get error messages about incomplete iTunes library although my iTunes is fully up to date and new version available. Hi — I just jail broke my 3GS iPhone 5. I jail broke with: After jail breaking, I installed Rocky raccoon 5. I am going to be no help on this post because I am having the same problem. Can somebody help plz? Upgraded to 5. I have a iphone 3gs version 5. What I did is, I restored it on official 5. Thanks,it worked for me.

I have no paypal account ,otherwise donation was must. Hai, i cant seem to get pass the DFU. The Apple sign doesnt go away and it just tells me that there are no devices or that i misunderstood the instructions. I been trying to get pass it for the pass hours. Can anyone help? Please Help! It always goes to completing first and second stage, then gives message: Tried many times, carefully following instructions. Using Macbook running Snow Leopard and Redsn0w 0.

My iphone 3GS stucked at apple logo after restoring and update! Itunes ask for sim… you got tO help me… how to activate my phone? Did not work for me. I have followed and downloaded exactly the software provided. Helps please! Got everything to work.

How to Activate an Unlocked iPhone 4S

Jailbreak and everything but when I put the sim card in t mobile it says it is invalid? After all the process while dooing reboot, my iphoe gets stuck in DFU mode and in redsnow its stuck in fetching required files. Please be sure the latest iTunes is installed. After opening redsnow 0. After my redsnow identifies the restore thingy the big file i click ok but it doesnt give me the page with new boot rom or old boot rom.

Hi, i need to activate my iphone 3gs running 5. I followed the steps, but when it asks if i have a newer model and i say yes then after jailbraking it says: What can I do. Plz help. Please wait while your build is being processed And Exploiting with limera 1n Can anyone tell me how long this will be? I think I get stuck in this part. Any help will be appreciated Best regards. The process worked for me but before doing the jailbreak unthenderet i tried to get my iCloud copy singing in to it.

Now the iPhone shows the apple with a bar below that wont load. Im using windows BTW. Hello, I followed your video and thanks! What happens if i were to insert my previous sim card back on this phone? I tried it everything went good until the uploading data to the ram of my ihpone the white letters on my iphone kept going down until it says errot and stops.

I hope evryone understand and so not ask me it you need help! When i did the select ipsw i did that it said succesfully identified but after that it didnt say anything about the bootrom it just skipped that part, should i just go back and click jailbreak? It is telling me that my iphone is already jailbroken but it still shows the SIM not valid screen …. How do i get my phone to go into DFU mode and not recovery mode, everytime i follow your steps it takes it to recovery mode?

I downloaded the latest version of redsnow 0. Please help Thanks! Also, after this routine, can I still restore the phone 4 from a back-up from my previous iPhone 3GS? Thank you. I downloaded redsn0w 0.

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  4. Bypass iPhone activation iOS 6.1.6 – iOS 5.1.1.

Does this process not work with iPhone 4S? I have upgraded my iphone 4 to 5. I have tried this solution but for me call fails immediately. I tried lots of times but call fails immediately after I dial emergency number. Does anybody know solution to it??? Thanks in advance for your help. Hi, I followed your steps to hactivate my iphone 3gs 5.

I dont know what the problem is can u help please?

Hi there! Trying to hacktivate my 3gs on my pc. Downloaded the correct programs from the links above, but the firmware file, once unzipped, seems to be all DMG files and a few other unrecognizable things. So when I go to select an ispw through redsn0w, nothing shows up as an option because there is nothing saved as an.

Any thoughts? I am having the same issue. Im trying to run a roshon sim card and its telling me size mismatch when i down load ultrasn0w. How can I run this sim card on my iPhone? Got the Ultrasnow to work after a few attempts but not its just searching…. I have a mac and it it will not allow me to download the 5. It keeps downloading as restore but will not open. Any suggestions? I had the same problem. Then tried with mozilla and succeeded. My phone has been unlocked and jailbreaked, then restored to factory settings and now I am trying to jailbreak and unlock it again.

I just bought the phone, it is new, I an pretty sure it is a new version but I cannot check the settings to confirm it. Any ideas? Kind of stuck now! Jailbroke and activated without a sim card thanks a lot but it wont unlock. I have tried all that i read here Any further unlocking help please?

Any help on how to have it appear? Thanks a lot.. The phone stays on 5. This phone has been factory unlocked. I tried to use absinthe win 2. Without 5. Definately need help…Plz!!! I need helpppppppppppppp Thank you…: When i try puting the phone in DFU mode it goes to recovery mode and i cant do anything at all help!!!!!! I had done everything it said in the video and it was a success.

But when the iPhone turned on, i checked the wifi, language, etc. What should I do? It appeared it got stuck during jail break.

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I have a 3gs later model that wont allow for untethered break. Your site and links are the most straightforward links I have encountered. Thank you for your clarity and professionalism. It says that it still will not activate. Is there any way that I could get some help with this? I tried it and I get this error on my phone dyld: I have been on the waiting to reboot screen for over an hour now. Is that normal or did this soab freeze? Name required. Mail will not be published required. Time limit is exhausted. How to Jailbreak 5. How To: Leave A Response. May 31, at 3: May 31, at 2: Sabine says: August 1, at 8: August 1, at 6: August 14, at 8: August 22, at 5: August 28, at 4: May 31, at 7: May 31, at 6: June 1, at 3: Prashant says: July 7, at September 19, at 3: Mikersson says: May 31, at 9: Chin says: June 22, at 6: PJ says: August 5, at 1: August 25, at 6: Bogo says: August 29, at May 31, at 4: Rue says: May 31, at 8: June 1, at 5: Robert says: June 1, at 6: June 1, at 7: Paula says: September 28, at 5: Nina says: October 13, at 2: June 1, at June 2, at June 4, at 5: June 1, at 2: Tommysoft says: June 1, at 4: June 2, at 4: June 5, at 2: June 6, at 2: Josh says: June 5, at 5: June 13, at 4: Christian says: July 16, at July 3, at 3: Tim H says: June 1, at 9: June 2, at 6: Devon says: Eric says: June 2, at 9: Amanda says: Mike says: June 3, at 4: July 28, at 2: June 3, at 6: Elvis says: June 3, at 7: Reaper says: June 3, at 1: Jonny says: June 4, at 1: JC says: June 4, at Trish says: June 5, at 8: June 6, at 1: June 7, at 6: Parth says: Karla says: June 5, at 4: June 5, at Rebecca says: Azeez says: June 6, at 3: DerekG says: June 6, at 6: June 6, at 9: Anon says: June 22, at 9: June 7, at 3: Nilosh says: June 7, at 7: Allen says: June 7, at 9: Derick says: June 7, at 5: Mike Paterson says: June 9, at July 1, at 1: Dora says: November 7, at 9: June 7, at 8: June 7, at June 8, at Harshen says: June 9, at 3: MJ says: June 9, at 4: Kashif says: June 9, at 7: ALEX says: June 9, at 9: Schlee says: LearsiG says: June 10, at 2: Ak says: June 12, at 3: June 12, at 9: June 13, at 6: Kunal says: June 13, at 7: July 3, at 4: Mani Ahmed says: June 13, at 3: Cream Bean says: June 14, at June 15, at 3: June 15, at 8: June 15, at Asif says: June 17, at June 17, at 7: Ryan says: June 17, at 9: June 19, at 6: June 20, at 6: June 20, at 8: Jill says: June 22, at 5: Rytis says: June 22, at June 23, at 9: June 23, at 3: June 24, at 7: June 24, at 8: Anahita says: June 25, at 4: June 26, at June 27, at 1: June 27, at 3: June 27, at 5: Po says: June 27, at Av says: June 28, at 5: Jay says: June 28, at 9: JaQuesha says: June 29, at 4: June 30, at 5: Erin says: July 2, at 3: DeMorio says: July 2, at 8: July 2, at Tod says: July 3, at July 6, at 3: July 6, at 1: Bries says: July 7, at 4: July 9, at 1: Erios says: July 7, at 7: July 8, at 7: Rik Tan says: July 8, at 9: Jordan says: July 9, at 7: Ant says: July 10, at 6: Onsulade says: July 10, at July 10, at 7: Valerie says: July 11, at 6: Anshuman says: July 11, at 5: July 12, at 4: PoxyEdit says: July 12, at Selena says: July 14, at 6: July 14, at 8: admin